Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home again

A cruise around New Zealand is most delightful holiday that I recommend wholeheartedly, got home Saturday after a fantastic time. Read 4 books, nearly completed a Sashiko kit (thanks to Indigo Junction for getting it to me in time, met up with my daughter in Wellington and some more of NZ (I love that country, if I wasn't an Aussie, I would be a Kiwi!)
I handed the three quilts over to Kim after some of the ship's crew and customs officers wanted the bags until they found out that there were quilts in them, that's when a female officer stepped in and she wanted them!! All done in a joking manner with lots of laughter of course. Everyone loved their quilts including the 16yr old when he realised that some of the stars glowed in the dark!
Got my machines out of their holiday camp where they were pampered and oiled and adjusted (thank you Corbett & Sons for a lovely job, and have already completed block 2 of the Sentimental Journey quilt and only have 2 more blocks to catch up with the forum friends! I also want to finish the Chocolate quilt, which has 2 blocks missing and also there is one grandchild who missed out on the first round of quilts (not sure how that happened) and then of course two more baby quilts due, one of which will be my son's first child, yahoo! OK, time for some photos and then start the day going,, Cheers till next time,

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