Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brisbane Quilt Show

I went off to the Brisbane Quilt Show on Thursday, it was a long day for me, up at 4am to catch the train at 5 and home at 9.30pm. Spent some money on a kit from Fifi's Fabricology for my daughter Kim who will love it as it is all killer high heels! Had a look at some absolutely gorgeous creations, watched the lovely Michelle Hill creating magic and caught up with some friends. A good time was had, and was I tired at the end of the day? You bet!!!!
I am trying madly to get some quilts done to take to NZ in a month's time but have the awful feeling, I won't get them done in time, life just keeps getting the way, grrrrrrrrr!!
So maybe I will get out of here and get something done, every 5 minutes count!