Friday, December 23, 2011

Few projects done

I guess most of you are still rushing closer to that time of the year, in this house, things are plodding along, we will be having an extra quiet day and then children and grandchildren arrive on the Monday, so there will be no time for posts then! First off, my warmest wishes to everyone, may you all have a lovely time with family friends or even foes!! 2012 is just around the corner, so it might be time to start thinking of those resolutions that we all love to make... I am thinking of making one resolution, and that will be that I don't buy a new magazine until I have made something out of the current one!!!! I guess I will be extra rich then!!! rofl rofl.
I have completed some things lately,

The sashiko center is going to be a tablecloth for one of my sisters, it was going to be a xmassy one, but time has ran out. The two aprons are for Kim who lives in NZ, I wonder where she got the idea of wearing aprons from?? I don't think I have ever worn one....
Till next time,

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Shirlwin said...

The sashiko table cloth is gorgeous! I hadn't worn an apron since school days [cooking class] but after being in a swap now find them invaluable on wash day. It looks as though I am busy!