Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spent the day down at Maryborough and Hervey Bay, so called in at my favourite craft shop there in HB, the Dewdrop Inn, had a lovely time there, short but great. Marvellous what you can find when you only have a short time! Got some asian FQ, some pellon, a terrific looking tool that cuts a circle as you want and some of that shrinky stuff that I read about but haven't tried yet!
Quite pleased with this one
,Some of the asian pieces where I have been having my first attempt at appliqueing.
Why did that sentence underline?

Has been a while since I posted, but jolly work gets in the way sometimes!
Have received a lovely block of the month from one of the special ladies in the forum with some really nice colours, and have started on an asian quilt which I am sort of going freelance with.
I am really a person that needs a recipe or a pattern and I follow that to the exact degree, with this one, I have a picture of one and am sort of adapting it! It will certainly be interesting to see how it ends up!