Monday, March 21, 2011

Lol, I am rusty with this,
the top quilt is the result from a challenge that my friend Marg (House of Margarita) do each year. It is supposed to take all year but we both got hooked into doing it quickly, I am going to turn it on point and add corners and borders yet.
The red and white one is our sampler blocks on the forum I am always in ( and the bottom one is one I did for a co-worker who retired at the end of last year. I got the kit from Fons&Porter and did it just like in the magazine. I knew she would love the colours and I loved the pattern, so why change it!!

I knew it had been ages since I had posted but didn't realise it was thhaaaaatt long! Since my last post, what has happened? I have finished a couple of quilts, went on my first cruise to Vanuatu & rolled along with life. I will post a few photos, and guess what I am just about finished the asian quilt top for my daughter! It was to be for her 40th birthday which was Jan 2010 but I will give it to her when we go back north in July. I am heading off tomorrow to go to Brisbane to catch the fantastic Neil Diamond on Wed. night then flying out to Fiji for 6 days with family, I know the show will be fantastic and hope Fiji will be great too.
OK, enough for now rofl,
Till next time