Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time for a holiday!!!!

Well, it isn't really, I have really only started to get back into my routines after my holiday! I have even managed to finish off some UFOs!! Here's couple of them, the bright quilt was just a fun one to make, mainly because I wanted to try the 10min blocks (by Suzanne O'Neil) again and then it just grew and grew. There's a few mistakes but I am trying to be less obsessive over exact points etc, especially when I will be keeping it for the house. The second in an applique center with needle point, which I am not very good at but can see a slow improvement! I have also been practicing on my new/secondhand Janome 1600P which is on my New Generation Quilt Frame, I am finding the quilting a lot easier than on my old Happy Jack, as I can stand closer to the machine head to see what I am doing. No, its not my eyesight getting older!!! I am sure it's not, lol!
Cheers till next time

Saturday, August 13, 2011

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Home again part 2

I have the Picasa photo program now but am not too crash hot with it yet! See if I can add some more photos to this post,

PS. Thats Tonia on the side of the quilt!

Home again

I just got home yesterday after 3 weeks away, I went back north to Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands (NOT the Cairns Highlands as I saw in places!!) for a nurses reunion in Mareeba and to catch up with most of my family and some lovely friends. I had a super time and even enjoyed the trip up and back on the Sunlander train which I hadn't been on for maybe 45yrs!!
I took the asian quilt top which I have been making for my daughter Kellie, for her 40th birthday which was Jan. 2010! Luckily I had finished the top but ran out of time to have it quilted and just hoped that I would find someone to do it for me and in a short time. After chatting to Peter Leate at the Cairns Craft Centre, he gave me a name for the most delightful, friendliest and super talented Tonia Brooks at Malanda Quilting Supplies, who took on my top and turned it into a creation in a few short days. Have a look at her website, when you have a chance. Which is
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