Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Zealand cruise

Well, I think I need to pack my port (luggage or suitcase to people who live outside Queensland!) soon, have a busy few days ahead of me with last minute things but feel confident that things will fall into place now. We board the ship in Brisbane on Sat morning and return a fortnight later with a few days of pure relaxing at the start and the end and lots of ports of call in between.
Anyway, have got the quilts done and am quite pleased with them, the pink and purple one is my first go at foundation piecing so am pleased with that one. The starry one is the result from a swap on the forum that I chat on.. which is a lot of fun. I added a few extra borders to the starry one and think my 16yr old grandson will love it.
My machines are going in for a service while I am gone, also the laptop which needs a good clean up. OK, be happy everyone and I will post some more photos when I return. Cheers

Friday, November 11, 2011

Time, time, time!!

Time to pack for my cruise around NZ is coming very quick, I have been going hell bent for leather to finish some quilts for my daughter and two grandsons and think I might actually make it!! Will post photos when they are done, some are old tops and some are new, well, one is new!!!
I am already thinking about what will be started when I come home, and what to take with me for a bit of hand sewing. I am behind in a couple of things so hopefully I will get on to them quickly, meanwhile I have been having a whale of a time on my New Generation quilting frame and Janome 1600P machine and am itching to play with them and to see if I can really do some quilting and not the usual meandering!! Hopefully I will post before I go,
Cheers everyone