Friday, July 8, 2011


I am sitting here with another cup of tea, thinking how cold the weather is, it was 4degrees here this morning, and before all you who live in other parts of the world fall off your chair from laughing, 4 degrees is quite cold here in Sunny Queensland and a bit unusual, so we don't have central heating or fires to keep us warm, just lovely hand made socks from a friend and warm snuggly dressing gowns and lots of sunshine. What I am supposed to be doing is finishing my moving, sigh, I am in the process of swapping rooms, moving my sewing room into the spare bedroom. This probably should have been thought about a little bit more prior to commencing, the house is absolutely jammed pack with drawers, cupboards etc etc etc and I have run out of steam!!! I think another cup of tea is called for while I think some more!

Bat Plant

I have a few of these unusual plants, common name is Bat plant, this one is the best so far and is starting to flower, I will take photos of it as it actually opens, weird!!!


I thought I would post a few photos of my plants, lol
I picked up the old washing trolley at our local auction house with the original idea of putting materials in it, but I have absolutely no space for it!!! So, down stairs for it and my pot plants.