Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Challenge Quilt

As my friend Marg of House of Margarita blog said, we have started another quilt challenge which is SUPPOSED to take some months, I say this because we started one earlier this year which I believe was SUPPOSED to take about 9 months, but someone got carried away and did it in a week or so!!!! That's the Amish one in one of my posts. Anyway, Marg and I, and Vicki from our forum (will post the full title later), and then some other friends from the forum all joined in on the action and are now sewing or planning their little hearts away!!!!!! I gave up trying to decide about colours (I do not have the tiniest little bit of artiste in my body!!!)and charged ahead with the first block.


Vicki ♥ said...

It looks great Cheryl and I am enjoying this quilt so far..even if it is the first block :) We will all have beautiful quilts when done. Hugs Vicki x

Karen's Korner said...

You did a great job on the first block. I look forward to seeing your quilt grow.

cheryl said...

Thanks Karen, it will be good to watch how it unfurls!
Vicki, it is fun isnt it, and there is no real pressure, which I like!