Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still finished

In November last year, when I went on holidays, I thought I would take some quilting with me to do at times, I decided to make a quilt for my grand daughter who was 21 in March, so looked for a pattern that had small squares that I could pull out without too much trouble.
I found the pattern, and started cutting it out! 288 squares later I had enough and with the hellp of my friend Sue, we laid it out on the floor whilst moving around on our knees, ugh!
March came and went and because I had increased my work hours, had hardly touched the quilt certainly not in time for her birthday. Anyway, it eventually got done, and after some great quilting from DewDrop Inn at Hervey Bay, I put the last touches to the binding this morning !! Hurrahh! Here's what it looks like !

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Tozz said...

Wheres the photo Cheryl??