Monday, June 22, 2009

Home again and trying to relax

Spent a lovely week in Brisbane last week, hit the shops for end of financial year sales and bought a bit. The main reason for being there was to go to the Simon & Garfunkel concert. Having never been in the situation to attend concerts in my younger life, I now attend a few when I desire. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were absolutely magical, all their songs together and then both artists sang some of their own hits, while the backing band were very talented, they could have gone home at any time and left the duo singing on their own, which they did occasionally. Came down to earth on my return home when I decided to rearrange my craft room and hurt my back in the process, not too bad, I'm fine when I'm up and fine when I'm down but it is the getting to either that hurts.
Have attempted my first Stack & Whack block today, it appears to look ok, but I lost myself in the instructions and went out on my own, it seemed that I would need to cut a lot of material to follow the instructions and I just wanted to make one or two blocks to see how it all went before committing myself to a large amount of material. Will post a view of what it looks like shortly.
Till the next time, cheers

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