Monday, March 25, 2013

OK about 3 weeks between posts, doing not too bad I guess! Has anyone tried the Colourque? I have had the DVD and some pencils for a few years now, and have eventually tried it. I am not an artist by any means, I can still remember my Gr.2 teacher, Mr. Morris, laughing at my attempt of a tree with a slate and pencil, so I guess that put me off from ever trying seriously. Anyway, I did like the idea of Colourque because one can trace an outline of a flower or whatever and then colour it in, so this is my first attempt, and maybe the first of many!! Other than that, I have been trying to catch up with BOM and a medallion quilt that our forum is doing this quilt, and just managed to get a birthday present done and in the mail for my lovely little DGS, who turns 1 on this Friday. This is what he looks like, with thanks to Melly & Me for the kit! I hope this post is in order,, Cheers Everyone!

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