Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year

I knew it had been a few months since I last posted, but truly can't believe it is almost 1 year!!! So my new year resolution is to post at least every month..Many things have happened in the past year, I have a new grandson born March 29, I went to Tonga with a friend and had an absolute ball. I went to New Zealand and spent Christmas time and New Year with my daughter and her family, I have made a few quilts, and that is just last year!!! This year, I arrived back on Jan. 3rd and hit the floor running with work, I usually only do holiday relief, but have worked 13 days out 18, which since I am semi-retired is a terrible lot! I came home determined that I wouldn't start any sewing until my sewing room was clean and tidy and reshuffled. That all got finished this week, I moved some big furniture out and now have more room for the quilting frame, so might use that a bit more this year. I plan to finish off some UFO this year, and whilst cleaning, found some squared that I had started a few years ago, so they are now trimmed and ready to be joined. and thats about that,,, a whole year in a few paragraphs. Mmmm, just tried to load some photos, but guess I have forgotten how to do it!! Till next time, Cheryl

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Shirlwin said...

Would love to see some photos. I ran into a problem downloading photos on Blogger. Picasa solved that problem [after several moments of frustration]