Sunday, January 15, 2012


Not sure just what I did, but somehow I have deleted quite a few comments!! This was certainly unintentional my friends so please don't think that I don't like to read your messages, quite the opposite in fact!!!
Nothing much happening here, just little bits and pieces, although I am making headway with the Turtle quilt, lol!!

Once it is finished, I will then make a start on some baby quilts again, and I thought that all the baby quilts were done!!!
Cheers till next time


Shirlwin said...

The turtle quilt is certainly different and lovely:) [Have re-commented on a previous blog. The main disadvantage of blogland is that there is often no 'going back'.]

Judy said...

What a great turtle quilt! I don't think I've ever seen one before. What a great idea. I was thinking of a baby quilt or two myself....
Enjoy your week,

Ondrea said...

I love those turtles, Cheryl. Love the colours too.

cheryl said...

Thank you Friends,, Thanks Shirley, I saw the extra comment, rofl!
Have finished the turtle top and still need to quilt it.
Will post photos soon.