Monday, March 21, 2011

I knew it had been ages since I had posted but didn't realise it was thhaaaaatt long! Since my last post, what has happened? I have finished a couple of quilts, went on my first cruise to Vanuatu & rolled along with life. I will post a few photos, and guess what I am just about finished the asian quilt top for my daughter! It was to be for her 40th birthday which was Jan 2010 but I will give it to her when we go back north in July. I am heading off tomorrow to go to Brisbane to catch the fantastic Neil Diamond on Wed. night then flying out to Fiji for 6 days with family, I know the show will be fantastic and hope Fiji will be great too.
OK, enough for now rofl,
Till next time


Judy said...

Hello Cheryl,
Thanks for following my blog! I really enjoyed reading your profile. Isn't that the truth, that life is a winding road with lots of potholes along the way :-)
It looks like you've been busy making some very nice quilts for people. I bet they will be cherished!

Hello from Idaho,

Liz said...

cannot post up above. Love all your work.

cheryl said...

Sorry about that Liz, not sure why you couldn't, will see if it is something I haven't done!!
Thanks Judy, I share my life with a huge loom and lots of spinning wheels, but my DP uses them, or should I say, they are his and he uses them very rarely, maybe when it gets a bit cooler he will get back into them.