Sunday, November 1, 2009

?That long

One of my Block of the Month that I received from one of the special friends on the forum.
Part of one my "buys" from o'seas!

And here is the other half!

I knew it was a while since I had posted, but can't believe its been that long!

Not a lot has happened, I seem to sit at my machine for ages, but not a lot gets done... probably because my puter is right next to it! I find I do a lot on the puter, either reading or posting on the forum that I am a member of, or spending money on materials from overseas!!!!! I have been in hospital for a short stay (for what I call an 'old lady's operation...eheh) and got a few appliques done there, other than that, I seem to just make lots of plans for lots of quilts which don't really happen !!!! I have managed to finish Rosey's quilt (grandaughter born 25/8/09 in the front seat of the car on the way to the hospital!!!) and have done some medallion round robin quilts that I have participated in, in the forum and I think that is that.

I am still on official sick leave from work but will go back for 2 weeks from 23Nov(probably need some spending money at xmas time) and am really feeling afloat... not too sure where or how I want to work but know from past experience that I can only go for a few months without work before I feel **splat&^%%### and need to go back for a while again.

OK, some piccies of my spendings and other things!



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